Wellness Treatments

Wellness Treatments

An informed alchemy of healing remedies and therapeutic bodywork to deliver powerful results from head-to-toe. Indulge in our immersive massage, bodywork innovative water therapies treatments and benefit-boosting enhancers which have been designed by our team of experts renowned for their mastery of healing techniques.


Detox. Energise. Nourish

Our Marine Scrubs are inspired by the sea, combining sea salt with nourishing plant oils, giving them their extremely sensory texture. This unique combination is the secret of their gentle exfoliating effectiveness. The oils will be slowly absorbed helping to restore vitality and protect against dryness, whilst the invigorating benefits of the ocean in the blue scrub will assist in eliminating excess fluid, help boost circulation and reduce appearance of cellulite.

Unlike others we incorporate the benefits of our Australian made vichy and steam capsule by Hydrotone. A multi-sensory and effective standalone treatment or paired with a skin or body treatment for total wellbeing.


Like No Other Massage

Our focus is your wellbeing – we start the journey with breathing techniques, aromatherapy oil to indulge the senses, body brushing for purity, foot scrub to release all tension from the soul, all before we commence your massage journey.

This is a must-have treatment when you are feeling tired and sluggish. Bring your mind, body, and soul back into focus with a powerful and vigorous treatment Custom Blend massage with either an invigorating body brushing or steam capsule oil infusion for pure relaxation. Followed by massage used to detoxify and awaken your body. We all recognize the benefits of massage, one of the oldest traditions of healing, in modern times the benefits that come with regular massage therapy are not only the soothing benefits but also promotes long term inner health and well-being. Both therapeutic and deeply relaxing massages are essential for relieving deep-seated tension. We custom blend our essential oils to ensure your journey with us will leave you with restored energy.


Detox. Replenish. Tone

Our Marine Wrap is 100% natural mud from the Dead Sea with an exceptional mineral content in particular calcium and magnesium makes this wrap a multi action treatment ,a slimming precursor natural anti -stress, post exercise recovery .Cellulite dimpling is smoothed ,tense joints and muscle pain are eased and the body is completely replenished in minerals .If pure nourishment is what your seeking then we have our silky cream wrap with sweet notes of Sacred Lotus and enriched with Rice Germ oil transports you into a temple of wellbeing cocooned in true Caress, the skin is nourished and supple, regains lasting comfort.

All our Custom Blend body treatments incorporate the benefits of our Australian made vichey and steam capsule by Hydrotone. A multi-sensory and effective to harness wellness.


Purity Ritual

Under the combined effects of Natural mud from the Dead Sea and Sea Salts, this physical and mental detoxification experience is the ultimate treatment to detoxify, reduce the wired and tired syndrome, poor sleep quality, symptoms of jetlag, muscle tension, anxiety and stress that often results from 24/7 connectivity, travel, sensory overload and overuse of technology. Combining the purity benefits of our marine prelude ritual and the beneficial scrub, acupuncture point therapy foot massage, marine mud and aromatherapy sensory oils. All whilst you are cocooned in our high tech Hydrotone capsule. Imagine the warmth of steam to soothe, cascade of water from our vichy to cleanse, colour therapy to relax all your senses into wellness harmony!



Our water therapies method of promoting wellness. It’s much more than just bathing, it targets poor circulation, cellulite, water retention and heals sporting injuries. It will leave you feeling invigorated and surprisingly relaxed. Select from an array of additives to personalise your experience.


A unique feature of Skintrition is our Vichy shower facilities – the benefits are deep relaxation, renewed energy, relief from restlessness and tension, the stimulating multi jet of warm cascading water, is considered the ultimate bliss in rejuvenation and the perfect prelude to a combined massage and body treatment.


An oasis of relaxation, lay back and enjoy the capsule while your body is enveloped in a gentle steam enriched in essential oils to hydrate, improve skin suppleness and promote harmony. Recommended as a preparation to most body treatments or as a standalone treatment for chill out time.