DMK Limited Firmatrix Skin Recovery Serum
This premium skin recovery serum penetrates deep within the skin to aid and improve its function and help give a more youthful, fuller look. Formulated with powerful botanics that utilise Bio-Homeostasis Technology, FirMatrix works to rebuild the epidermal matrix and...
from $55.00
DMK Limited Elevate Neck & Decollete Lifting
Anti ageing neck and décolleté crème Description Formulated as part of the DMK Limited range Elevate utilises advanced ingredients to help lift and tighten the tissues around the neck and décolleté. This unique crème aids in the fight against gravity...
from $66.00
DMK Limited Wetter Than Water
Wetter Than Water improves the skin’s natural hydrating properties filling the it up full of water and suppling it with all the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. Designed with a unique blend of carrier and wetting agents Wetter Than...
from $82.00
DMK Limited Transgenesis Crème
Traveling back in time may not be possible but DMK has learnt how to help transcend its effects on the skin. TransGenesis Crème utilises advanced ingredients technologies to target cell renewal, firmness, elasticity and moisture retention. Formulated with specific marine...
from $75.00
DMK Limited Mediterranean Pearls Cleanser
A string of islands off the coast of Italy are said to have been created from the pearl necklace of Venus, the goddess of beauty. Inspired by the enchantment of these islands and their legends, Mediterranean Pearls uses the natural...
from $35.00
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