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The most memorable gifts for giving are those you’d love to receive yourself, indulge, nurture and spoil with our beautifully packaged voucher presented in a gold embossed wallet and exclusive gift bag. Skintrition Beauty Spa gift vouchers are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The combination of treatments in our Spa packages have been designed specifically to give you, family or friends unsurpassed value, and total pampering
...because everyone deserves a Skintrition Spa Experience.

To help you celebrate our new online store - order a Spa Package online and recieve a gift for you ...compliments of Skintrition.
      » Spa Packages
      » Perfect for Men

Treatment Description Time Price Visit Store
Time to De-Stress Take time out to escape from your daily routine. Clear your mind and balance your body energy
      »Feet & Legs Soother
      »Back & Shoulder Massage
50min $85 buy online

Sheer Indulgence Combine pure relaxation with a radiant glow.
      »Spa Facial
      »Hand & Arm Pamper
      »Signature Scalp Massage
60min $95 buy online

Total Recharge Time to recharge your body and revitalise your skin.
      »Full Body Exfoliation
      »Warm Body Oil Infusion
      »Facial Elixir
      »Signature Scalp Massage
      »Steam Capsule & Vichey
60min $155 buy online

Perfect Pampering Be delighted by the sheer pampering of your relaxing treatment, guaranteed to indulge your senses.
      »Spa Facial
      »Back & Shoulder Massage
      »Hand and Arm Indulgence
      »Heavenly Bliss Legs & Feet
      »Soothing Scalp Massage
2hr 30min $250 buy online

Time to Indulge Capture the joy of pampering for the busy person, when time & relaxation is of the essence.
      »Petite Facial
      »Back & Shoulder Massage
      »Hand and Arm Indulgence OR
      »Leg and Foot Bliss
      »Soothing Scalp Massage
1hr 30min $185 buy online

Spa Melting Moments True relaxation to soothe a fatigue body and mind...
      »Water Therapy of Choice to Relax
      »Warm Coconut Oil Body Massage
      »Warm Petite Facial
      »Soothing Scalp Massage
90min $195 buy online

Body Bliss The Perfect elixir to revitalise the skin, soothe the muscles and refresh the senses.
      »Full Body Exfoliation
      »Aromatic Body Wrap
      »Relaxation Massage
      »Signature Scalp Massage
      »Steam Capsule & Vichey
1hr 30min $215 buy online

Spa Goddess Be indulged by this ultimate luxury escape designed for you
      »Exotic Body Exfoliation
      »Sublime Body Wrap
      »Skintrition Bliss Facial
      »Serene Massage
      »Signature Scalp massage
3hr 30min $355 buy online

Jet Lag Recovery A time to energize your body and relieve fatigue!
      »Water Therapies to Aid Lymphatic Drainage
      »Dry Body Brushing
      »A full Body Massage
1hr 45min $175 buy online

Mother to Be A time to relax before the big day!
      »Petite Facial
      »Leg and Foot Bliss
60min $125 buy online

Sublime Spa Rituals Surrender yourself to the ultimate spa experience. Inspired by worldly rituals, be taken on a journey of discovery to restore beauty and balance, while igniting your senses and returning new found energy to mind, body, soul and skin. Giving you a total sensation of peace & inner strength.
Choose your journey:
      »Oriental Journey Ritual is rejuvenating
      »Mediterranean Ritual is blissfully relaxing
      »Memoire Ocean Ritual is total Vitality
2hr 30min $275 buy online

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Perfect for Men Time Price Buy Online
Men's Time Out For the man who deserves chill out time and total relaxation.
      »Customised Water Therapy
      »Balancing Massage
90min $145 buy online

Men's Chill Out For the man who wants to get grounded with the essentials
      »Back Massage
      »Facial Cleanse
      »Soothing Scalp Massage
75min $175 buy online

Men's Escape For the man who needs total relaxation, release all tension from mind and body with this escape.
      »Warm Oil Infusion (steam capsule)
      »Relaxing Body Massage
      »Soothing Scalp Massage
      »Includes Vichey and Steam Capsule
1hr 30min $195 buy online

Men's Zone For the man who needs to refresh his body, soothe the muscles, revive his skin and recharge his mind.
      »Back ScrubTreatment
      »Relaxing Massage
      »Purifying Facial
      »Nail Groom
2hr $255 buy online

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