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Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain is the foundation for all our paramedical treatments and the essence of beautiful and radiant skin for both men and women of all ages and for all skin conditions. Enzyme Therapy is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Skintrition understands your desire for bright, even toned healthy looking skin which is difficult to achieve with weekly scrubs. Microdermabrasion is that step up your skin needs. Our diamond tip head will exfoliate deep into the skin to dislodge dull, dead skin, remove impurities and stimulate circulation while oxygenating and boosting toxin removal.

Our expert therapists guarantee the results will speak for themselves.

To ensure we design a treatment program that is ideal for you. Your first step will be a professional consultation, to establish your concerns and expectations".

POC = Price on Consultation

Paramedical Solutions Description Time Price
Enzyme Revision This is a complete facial treatment that deep cleanse, exfoliates, re-hydrates the deep layers and speeds up cellular regeneration. This facial can be tailored to individual skin conditions. - from $95

Instant Lift Treatment The enzyme therapy and muscle banding treatment provides breathtaking results. Desired by many for it's instant qualities, it is perfect for special occasions. A transdermal infusion finishes the treatment by locking integral nutrients into the skin, ensuring optimal skin functioning. 1hr 30min POC

Muscle Banding Treatment The DANNÉ muscle banding treatments tighten, tone and firm the face and neck with visible results after one treatment. The treatment works by stimulating muscles to passively constrict and contract, increasing the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen to the tissue gradually strengthening facial muscles. We recommend 3 consecutive treatments to enhance results, smooth fine lines and improve the overall texture of the skin. 1hr 30min $195

Alkaline Hair Removal The Alkaline wash is an effective painless and harmless hair removal procedure for the face and body. This treatment is ideal for the lip, chin and jaw line area. To optimise the overall results we recommend frequent applications. from 15min from $35

Alkaline Re-Surfacing Danne alkaline wash is a remarkable treatment specifically designed to target various skin conditions such as scarring, pigmentation and re-surfacing the skin surfaces where fine lines appear. The results are amazing 1hr 30min POC

Pro Alpha Six-Layer Peel The effective resurfacing procedure is for those wanting dramatic results on the face, neck and décolletage areas. Best results are seen on thick, uneven textured skin, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage and scarring. The natural blend of plant and fruit sugar acids, applied systematically in layers. The applications required is adjusted for specific needs and desired results. The procedure takes 14 days including a home care prescription is a must. - POC

Pigmentation Revision An effective resurfacing and rebuilding procedure, effective on sun damaged, sluggish, congested and uneven skin tones. The package includes six weekly treatments and a home care prescription to restore the natural balance and harmony of your skin functionality. 1hr 30min POC

Acne Correctives Our corrective treatments focus on the removal of dead cell material from the surface of the skin, effectively releases any and congestion allowing the skin surface to soften for ease of extraction of blackheads. This stimulates the vascular and lymphatic system, restoring vital cellular nutrition results in healthy new skin cells. from 60min POC

Inflammation Corrective Treatment This treatment will effectively detoxify the skin. It will flush through toxins, reduce inflammation, kill infection and increase oxygenated blood flow. To compliment the treatment a transdermal nutrition infusion will be applied to increase absorption for a more effective delivery into the skin to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. 1hr 30min POC

Stretch Mark Revision The treatment formula softens and dissolves tears in the skin before re-knitting the structure of the tissues. Enzymes Therapy is performed to rebuild and strengthen the skin back to function optimally. 60min POC

Full Body Enzyme Therapy The deeply exfoliating treatment is specifically designed for fast results on the body. While hydrolysing redundant cell build up it increases circulation and lymphatic ability. Excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation and ingrown hairs. 1hr 30min POC

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Microdermabrasion Solutions Description Time Price
Micro Replenishing Specialised treatment including micro dermabrasion serum and masque. 45min $145

Micro Intense Incorporates the entire face and neck and includes full micro dermabrasion facial, with specific serum infusion and specialised masque (collagen). 75min $220

Micro add-on in Specific Facials The ideal quick fix to refine your skin and improve adsorption of active ingredients to some of our specialised facials. - $65

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