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While the composition of skin is essentially the same between genders, men's skin does have different needs and concerns than that of women. Our treatments for men focus on deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and hydration for a healthier skin and a fresher appearance. At Skintrition, body treatments are designed specifically to address male needs. Spa time for body maintenance is vital to recharge your batteries. So you can work and play hard but live well. Just what any man wants - minimal fuss, a job well done and chill out time. Exclusive Men's Treatments Menu:

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Perfect for Men Description Time Price
Men's Time Out For the man who deserves chill out time and total relaxation.
      »Customised Water Therapy
      »Balancing Massage
90min $145 buy online

Men's Chill Out For the man who wants to get grounded with the essentials
      »Back Massage
      »Facial Cleanse
      »Soothing Scalp Massage
75min $175 buy online

Men's Escape For the man who needs total relaxation, release all tension from mind and body with this escape.
      »Warm Oil Infusion (steam capsule)
      »Relaxing Body Massage
      »Soothing Scalp Massage
      »Includes Vichey and Steam Capsule
1hr 30min $195 buy online

Men's Zone For the man who needs to refresh his body, soothe the muscles, revive his skin and recharge his mind.
      »Back Scrub Treatment
      »Relaxing Massage
      »Purifying Facial
      »Nail Groom
2hr $255 buy online

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Facials Description Price
Gentlemen's Facial A quick fix is sometimes just enough to get you back on track. This treatment will instantly make your skin look brighter as it eliminates impurities, unclogs pores leaving the skin refined and fresh. from $95
Men's Business Facial For the discerning male who wants more than a cleanse. This treatment is designed to meet the specific needs of the male skin. Using the energy of minerals, this facial regenerates and strengthens the skin leaving it relaxed and in perfect balance. Skintrition's experience includes: a shoulder, neck and scalp massage to surely delight all senses. from $135
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Hands & Feet Detail Description Time Price
Hand Detail The perfect maintenance necessity for
the well groomed male.
      » Peppermint Infusion
      » Nails Cut, Shaped & Buffed
      » Cuticles Tidied
30min $45
Hand grooming Maintenance and relaxation what a treat!
      » Nails Cut Shaped & Buffed
      » Cuticle Tidied
      » Salt Exfoliation of Hands & Arms
      » Hand & Arm Massage To Relieve Tension
50min $65
Foot Grooming The ultimate indulgence and grooming
      » Peppermint Soak
      » Nails Cut, Shaped & Buffed
      » Cuticles Tidied
      » Salt Scrub to Remove dead skin from Feet and Legs
      » Massage Feet and Legs to Relieve Tension
      » Rasp Callous Skin
...that's what we call bliss
60min $85
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Body Workshop Description Time Price
Back Focus Designed as a facial for your back and for it's most stressed out parts.... Focusing on the back and shoulders, our super smoothing back treatment is designed to rid your muscles of stress and your skin of impurities. It involves a deep cleansing scrub, steam to open pores, masque and then you can relax with a soothing massage. 45min
Massage Recharge To ease away the tension of a long tiring day, indulge in this invigorating treatment. A Swedish massage that loosens tight muscles and relieves fatigue in the neck, shoulders and lower back. Aroma oils ensure relaxation and alertness. Maximum relief and benefit for those who have limited time. This energising quick massage will get you on your way again. 30min $55
Body Polish A versatile combination of sea salt scrub is a delight on its own or combined with other body treatments. Imagine having the warmth of the steam relax you as we luxuriously rid your body of dead skin, and the beautiful aromatic oils soothe the senses and revitalise the skin leaving it satin smooth. - From $95
Body Polish Elixir In addition to our already popular Body Polish as described above, aromatic oil is lusciously applied over the body as the warmth of the steam infuses all its richness on to the skin, leaving it silky smooth. A soothing scalp massage completes this experience. Ideal prior to any massage or after a long day - from $105
Wine Connoisseur Created in the heart of the wine region our vino therapies treatments are based on the therapeutic benefits of red wine. To begin we exfoliate your body with a grape seed preparation, which deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin, provides maximum anti oxidant value and nourishing effect is enhanced by the pleasant aroma of wine essence... ideal for any man from 45min $125
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Men's Waxing
In the hair removal workshop our expert therapist carefully prepare your skin and use cold compress to ensure the hair removal process is delivered professionally.
  • Eye brow
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Neck
  • Eye Brow/ Ears/ Nose/ Neck Combo
  • Patches
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Neck & Shoulders
  • Back & Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Abs
  • Chest & Abs
  • Chest & Shoulders
  • Fore arms
  • Full arm
  • Underarms
  • Speedo
  • Full leg
  • Speedo/ Full Leg
Men's Waxing Treatment Price
Neck Wax $15
Chest or Back from $30
Arms from $40
Leg Wax from $65
Full Body from $150
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ThalgoMen product range with Algae Bleue VitaleTM.
We use ThalgoMenís treatments and product made exclusively for men. Our range includes: shaving gel, aftershave balm, cleansing gel, cleansing scrub, intensive hydrating gel, regenerating cream, anti-shine fluid, anti-fatigue serum or eyes, wake-up shower gel, abdo-shaper invigorating gel.
mens products
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