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Your body experience combines the beneficial virtues
of the sea with those of aromatic plants.
We have a range of salt scrubs and body wraps
that will detoxify, unwind & rebuild.

Our treatments relax, revive and energise...

Relax, revive and energise...

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Body Wraps Description Price
Ocean Detox Cleanse your mind and body with rich minerals & vitamins. A complete body exfoliation based on Ruscus and softening Mallow refreshes your skin and prepares for the smothering of deliciously thick, warm marine algae. Enveloped in your wrap and cocooned in our steam capsule close your eyes and dream of the invigorating effects of the ocean on your soul. This treatment assists in the reduction of fatty deposits, fluid retention & toxins by detoxifying the skin tissue whilst creating a feeling of total well being.
Ideal prior to any body sculpting treatments. This wrap includes a soothing scalp massage.
Customised Body Sculpting *Toning *Sliming *Refining *Cellulite
We have an entire range of body wraps, totally focusing on specific or localised areas of concern, including loss of elasticity and tone, cellulite & toxins, activate cutaneous circulation. Your body therapist will consult with you and customise the most suitable treatment program, to assist in achieving the desired outcome, leaving your skin toned, smooth and radiant with visible results.
from $165
Sea Wellness Combines all the wellbeing elements of the ocean and marine minerals blended with aromatic oils chosen to target your desired results of detox, slender, vitality or pure relaxation. Your journey begins with reflex activity of the feet, before we envelope your body in warm marine mud, aromatic steam infuses the therapeutic elements of marine goodness, ignite your senses, as water cascades over your body. Skin is enriched and your body rejuvenated.
This wrap also includes a face and scalp massage. Add on with a deep cleansing facial $45
Vital Relaxation Harnessing the serenity of the orient and the secrets of the Mediterranean this experience is a multi sensual relaxation therapy. Your journey begins with a Mediterranean body exfoliation ritual combined with steam, to eliminate deep down toxins. The skin is left as soft as velvet. From here, our ritual will incorporate a sublime body wrap - it's rich creamy texture glides onto the skin like a silk sheet. The enchanting, sophisticated fragrance of iris, jasmine and sandalwood ensures Body wholeness is restored and you are left in a state of perfect bliss. $145
Mineral Boost
(Body Wrap Renew)
Intensive remineralizing & exfoliation. A total journey for the mind and body; natural sea salts & marine mud extracted from the Dead Sea renown for its heeling properties simultaneously eliminate dead skin cells, refine skin texture &invigorate the entire body. Your body is smoothed with warm mud, sprinkled with salt crystals and cocooned in steam. Reflex activity of the feet and scalp massage free the mind and realign the body before a rhythmic massage over your wrap polishes the skin for a radiant glow. $155
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Body Polish Description Price
Body Polish A versatile combination of sea salt scrub is a delight on its own or combined with other body treatments. Imagine having the warmth of the steam relax you as we luxuriously rid your body of dead skin, and the beautiful aromatic oils soothe the senses and revitalise the skin leaving it satin smooth. from $75
Body Polish and oil infusion In addition to our already popular Body Polish as described above, aromatic oil is lusciously applied over the body as the warmth of the steam infuses all its richness on to the skin, leaving it silky smooth. A soothing scalp massage completes this experience. Ideal prior to any massage or after a long day from $105
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Add ons Description Price
Vichy - Invigorate A unique feature of Skintrition is our Vichy shower facilities - the benefits are deep relaxation, renewed energy, relief from restlessness and tension, the stimulating multi jet of warm cascading waterfall, combined with soothing massage and exfoliation techniques in the magical hands of an experienced therapist, is considered the ultimate bliss in rejuvenation and the perfect prelude to a combined massage and body treatment. from $95
Steam Capsule An oasis of relaxation. Your whole body is enveloped in a gentile steam enriched in essential oils to hydrate, improve skin suppleness, promote harmony and relaxation. Recommended as a preparation to most body treatments or as a standalone treatment for chill out time.
Hydrotherapy Immerse yourself in your individual hydrotherapy bath in a candle lit room, unwind, reflect and enjoy the tranquillity of your customised treatment, whilst the body receives the deepest form of massage using deep water jets to increase lymphatic drainage, produced by successive "massage" waves is performed from the soles of the feet to the base of the neck to stimulate circulation and ease muscular fatigue and eliminate toxins -
It will leave you feeling invigorated and surprisingly relaxed. Select from an array of additives to personalise your experience.
* Detox Algae * Energy * Slenderising
* Pure Bliss * Milk Bath * Vinotherapy
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Balwyn: Shop 3 & 4, 339 - 345 Whitehorse Road   Ph 03 9888 5534